A Serendipitous Moment | Michigan City, Indiana

Late last spring, I met a wonderful lady named Julia of Julia Rhinehart Photography.  We met thru an online photography education group.  Both of us were looking to improve our art and quickly found a personal connection.  You see, Julia actually lives in Austria but has family connections to Northern Indiana where the majority of my family resides as well.  As our online communication continued, we discovered she would be traveling here to the United States sometime in June (2019).  We both thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally meet in person as well as do an exchange of photography sessions.  The plan was for me to photograph her with her family while they were here, and in turn, she would photograph me to update my headshots.  Through continued discussion, the most convenient place that we both knew to meet at was the Lighthouse Pier at the Dunes in Michigan City.  

So to make a long story shorter, Julia and I did meet up (more on that later) and along the way noticed a proposal taking place right next to us.  We both did a quick pause and realized that this was a moment that they would likely enjoy to have documented.  Julia and I both already had our cameras out and started photographing.  It was a beautiful thing, and I am still amazed at the timing of it all.  I have no idea who these two souls are, but I hope they are living their best life and remember every day the hope, love and pure joy of that blustery day on the pier.

* Julia and I were both able to send the couple all of the images that we captured.

The Old Lighthouse Pier
Indiana Dunes State Park • Michigan City, Indiana