Behind the scenes

c-37fullHello, my name is Candace.

I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them and their family, and then being honored to witness the love between them.  (Human connection is an amazing thing, isn’t it?!)   The images that we capture are the ones that help create our legacy.  The ones that will be pulled out years from now to help tell future generations all about the beautiful and chaotic life that we have lived. That is what I love most about my art!

Away from the camera, you will find me with my family and most likely on our small homestead.  I have two teenage boys that definitely keep me on my toes.  A few years ago, we purchased a major fixer upper that was built in 1935 and sat empty for seven years before we moved in! I also tend to keep a few critters around the property.  We haven’t made as much progress on the homestead as we would have liked, but I will likely share our adventures on the blog once in awhile as we work towards restoring it to its glory.  I’m sure it will give you a laugh or two.

I also enjoy reading, working on craft projects, essential oils, drinking tea and eating sweets.  If you think I’m your kind of person, let’s connect!


The portrait above was taken by Hope Toyra Photography /
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